GNU/Linux nella Pubblica Amministrazione


Linux Day, 29 novembre 2003 – Agrigento Scarica è stampa le slide della presentazione “GNU/Linux nella Pubblica Amministrazione” in formato PDF. Cos’è il Linux Day (LD) ? E’ una manifestazione nata per iniziativa di Davide Cerri e Antonio Gallo nel 2001, in ambito di ILS, per diffondere GNU/Linux e il “Software Libero” (SL) E’ una […]

Seti@Home Status


Current workunit computed by Antonio Gallo’s computers for the Seti@Home project.



replacement for Dialog/Whiptail that works both in console and under X11

php: DbLib and DbSession

php e mysql

simple library for database programming and alternative session storage


joBad Penguin official logo by Joel Fauche

libhardware is a very small static C library used in puppy Linux to access and detect hardware at low level including partition data, USB devices and more

Linux installation on Olivetti Echos 150 DM


Hardware Intel-Pentium MMX(tm) 150 MHz at 2.5 V Bogomips: 299.83 BIOS Phoenix NoteBIOS 4.0 cache memory: first level 32KB, second level 256KB synchronous standard memory 16MB expandable up to 128MB Hard disk 1.3GB (TOSHIBA MK1403MAV, 1376MB w/128kB Cache, CHS=2796/16/63) Floppy disk 3″1/2 removable ( National Semiconductor PC87306 ) CD-ROM Toshiba teac 48e at 8/20x, ATAPI […]


joBad Penguin official logo by Joel Fauche

libBadPenguin is available here: it does provide a C library and some shell scripts. the library include functions to handle: extracting TAR archive with progress bar support handling colored output to terminal without the Curses or other libraries file and directory io routing simple C “chained list” structure In detail: badpenguin-ansi.h Include macros and constant […]

Ubuntu 64bit and adaptec raid i2o 1020s Raid controller


I assume you wanna run a 64 bit Ubuntu 5 Breezy Linux on a SuperMicro server with a dual processor Xeon and Raid-5 controller (adaptect 1020s + zcr card).

How to install Mysql server 5.1 in Ubuntu 8.04 LTS

php e mysql

Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (Long Term Support) actually include Mysql Server 5.0 only. In order to install the version 5.1 you need to add additionals DEB repository to your APT’s config. For instance append those two new repository to your /etc/apt/sources.list files: deb gutsy main universe restricted multiverse deb gutsy main universe restricted multiverse […]

Best Linux distribution for web server


list of the best Linux distribution for web server – review of the top rated linux distro for web server like Apache