Configure LogWatch for weekly email and HTML output format


If you wish to receive logwatch’s report on a weekly basis instead of daily you have two perform two basic tasks. First, edit /etc/logwatch/conf/logwatch.conf and change: Range = yesterday into: Range = between -7 days and -1 days Also, to enable the HTML output, change: Format = text into: Format = html Second, move the […]

How To change Thunderbird’s default sort order and threaded view


When you install a fresh new version of Thunderbird and you have an IMAP server like GMail with thousands (yes!) of folders it can be very frustrating going inside of each folder and manually change the default view settings of Thunderbird; that are: sort by date ascending order unthreaded view If you want to change […]

Usefull regular expresions


Search for all the emails in your source code or HTML files This is one usefull regular expresions to search all the emails inside source code or HTML files grep -E -o “\b[a-zA-Z0-9.-]+@[a-zA-Z0-9.-]+\.[a-zA-Z0-9.-]+\b” -r -i /var/www/ Enjoy!

mutt: how to automatically change the sender based on the current folder


The mutt e-mail client allow using a trivial configuration to automatically change the sender of the email (the From header) based on the current active folder. The configuration option that allow this is “folder-hook“. It accept two parameters: the folder name that should match, as regular expression a mutt command , we’ll change the From […]

coLinux: running Linux from within Windows


coLinux allow you to run in 5 minutes a Linux distribution under a windows system at super fast speed without Virtualization

syncing websites with Sitecopy via FTP or WebDAV

FTP Sync

sitecopy is a wonderfull tool to sync a local copy of your website with a remote server via FTP and WebDAV: learn how to setup

CVS, SubVersion, Mercurial: control version software comparison

Mercurial source control version system

CVS CVS is the ancestor of all the today’s fancy control version software: SVN, GIT, Bazaar, Mercurial, etc. CVS is used with command line tool: “cvs” CVS work with a “repository” this is specified with the command line switch “-d” or using the shell variable CVSROOT The most common command are: create a repository: cvs […]

WinSCP howto automatically login as root user

Secure Shell Client

WinSCP howto login automatically in Ubuntu when root user is disabled

Benchmarking CPU using PovRay


How to use the famouse PovRay rendering software to benchmark your CPU performance

Linux quick unattended distribution install

joBad Penguin official logo by Joel Fauche

Do you need to replicate Linux installation of your favourite distro on many machines? Or you have a Linux pre-configured system with your Java or PHP application that you want to replicate? Tired of long Linux distro installation full or repeating questio