Downloading the SalesForce AddressBook into your Asterisk PBX

SalesForce CRM

SalesForce is one of the best CRM product around. Its quite flexible and have different kind of APIs. There is one that allow you to directly does query via SOAP into their Oracle DB infrascruture. I used this feature quite a while ago to download nightly the entire CRM addressbook into the Asterisk PBX in […]

Callweaver T.38 patch for patton interoperability

CallWeaver official logo

If you have problem making CallWeaver fax working with T.38 using a Patton Gateway then try to apply this patch.

new version of app FAX for Asterisk 1.4.42

asterisk fax t.38

Maintained version of asterisk addons, including fax, ported to 1.4.42 that for copyright reasons cannot be included into official Digium’s releases and that for some reason the author is not keeping up-to-date. The project also require Zaptel instead of DAHDI.