Astronomy and Seti@Home

I love Astronomy:

  • i was a member of “Associazioni Astrofili Aurunca ONLUS”, a sky observation club. With them i went sometimes to see the skyes with big telescope and with my small binocular sometimes, expecially during the summer;
  • i like to go on the beach to see meteor shower;
  • i have nice photo of the Yakutake, Hale Bobe and the Ikeza comet taken by me with my own photo camera manually;
  • i am interested in using computer for astronomy purpose;
  • i have wrote a lot of astronomy program, expecially simulations of solar system, “n” body problem, comet orbit within the solar system, etc. they are nice but are wrote in M$-BASIC and in Turbo Pascal;

Also i am a contributor of the SETI Project.

Those are my seti@home stats, i randomly try to support the seti project when i’ve a few spare unused servers around the world:

Antonio Gallo Seti@Home status

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