new version of app FAX for Asterisk 1.4.42

Fax application ported to Asterisk 1.4.42

The fax application (app_fax) has been ported to asterisk 1.4.42 and latest spandsp.


Asterisk FAX application

Asterisk 1.4 does not have a native fax application.

I’ve 2006 i’ve merged togheter the old asterisk 1.2 sample included in spanDSP and the Massimo Cetra’s Callweaver version of fax mod to work with 1.4.

We still use largely in production asterisk 1.4 because i don’t believe asterisk 1.6 to be stable enough, i’m tired of regression bugs they introduce at every release into stable version so i prefer to keep production machines on 1.4.

The software will not compile with asterisk version between 1.4.18 and 1.4.22 since in this version they crazy changed the API and then rolled back in 1.4.23

The software uses CMake to compile instead of GNU autoconf/automake since CMake is faster and easier to use.

If you use chan_mISDN beware that randomly problem with fax will occurs.

This is a separate addons since Digium did not accepted this into 1.4 release, they asked me to add in “trunk”, but i never had time to do this free job for them. Also when i wrote this the spanDSP was GPL, so licenses problem also arised.

Beware that i use this on 32bit machine i didn’t test it on 64bit, make sure you’re not linking against /usr/lib64.

Beware that enabling faxdetect in zapata.conf can leads to crashes. If so use the nojump option and check the FAX_DETECT dialplan variable instead.

Remember to use masterclock option if you have multiple BRI/PRI with chan_mISDN.


RxFax special options

The RxFax asterisk’s application has those special option that allow the app to work with different kind of fax communication protocols. You can use those below to experiments with different speeds if the normal should have has some kind of problem:

  • FAX_DISABLE_V17, enable V29 and V27TER
  • FAX_FORCE_V17, v17 only
  • FAX_FORCE_V27, V27TER only
  • FAX_FORCE_V29, V29 only
  • FAX_FORCE_V34, V34 only

I’ve heard that many fax machines have buggy 9600/14400 speed.


Source Download

I strongly suggest to get latest source via SubVersion from the SourceForge repository at AgX’s asterisk fax addon


Additional Asterisk addons

Inside the source i keep working some extra applications wrote by other people (see README for copyright infoes):

  • DevState, create a custom “hint” device state
  • DEVSTATE(), report “hint” status
  • NVBackGroundDetect, detect a fax tone while playing a message
  • Pickup2, allow to pickup using multiple channels like SIP/10&SIP/11
  • ValetParking, better Parking Lot application with “HINT” state
  • ConfCall, alternate conference application


Other Asterisk patches

inside the “patches” directory you can find a few unofficial custom asterisk’spatches i wrote.


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