libHardware is available into the Bad Penguin FTP area

libhardware is a very small static library used in many utilities that are part of some Linux distributions.

It provides functions to access information about the hardware of your system, to detect it and to handle kernel module automatically. libhardware is able to:

  • detect all the PCI devices;
  • detect all the EIDE disks and cdroms;
  • detect all the SCSI disks and cdroms;
  • detect all the EIDE/SCSI disk partitions;
  • detect all the network devices;
  • checking if a detected device is supported from the Linux kernel via a custom PCI database;
  • for each supported device it also check if the module is already running, if not, the module is loaded via the modprobe utility.

Nowadays you can obtain the same info from /proc or lspci but it still usefull to check wich partitions are on a give disk

Libhardware has been used by other Linux distribution like Puppy Linux

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