Maintenance Mode plugin for WordPress

The maintenance mode plugin for WordPress allow you to turn on/off the maintenance mode for your blog.

When maintenance mode is active the plugin displays a splash page to your visitors letting know them that your blog its under temporary maintenance.

If the Google spider tries to crawl and index your blog content while the maintenance is active then it gets notified with an HTTP 503 header message to return back later.

This is extremely important if you have a well positioned website in the google search ranking.

During maintancen mode the administrators, or other users roles, can still get full access to the blog including both back-end and front-end.

Once the plugin is installed remember to configure the following options:

  • set a “backtime” (1 hour)
  • set “enable feed” checkbox
  • set “enable trackbacks” checkbox
  • set the latest checkbox about “503 HTTP header”

The maintenance mode plugin homepage is


With maintenance mode is enabled the Disqus comment system plugin will be unable to show the comments on front-end.


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