howto install SSH server under windows with cygnus

Cygnus project allow you to install a full GNU environment under any directory of your windows system.

First of all install Cygnus CYGWIN project somewhere and make sure to install it for ALL the users of your system.

When finished launch the CYGWIN icon on your desktop, you’ll automatically logged with the ID of your current window’s user.

Now fix some filesystem permissions:

chmod +r /etc/passwd
chmod +r /etc/group
chmod 755 /var

Configure ssh service:

ssh-host-config -y

When done check your user ID with:


And change your default password:


You’re now able to start SSH server as a windows service:

sc start sshd

Check if its started and running:

sc query sshd

Finally you can use “putty” or some other ssh client to connect to your windows machine using SSH.

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