How to enable SEO friendly URLs in WordPress

With wordpress it is very easy to setup user friendly SEO URLs.

This is the procedure:

  1. login as administrator
  2. into the “Settings” menu (the submenu at the bottom) choose the “permalink” item
  3. choose “custom structure” and input “/%postname%/”
  4. save the settings

and voilà  now you have you’re friendly SEO URLs in your WordPress blog.

In latest WordPress version this seems the default when installing via the provider’s automated setup tool like on BlueHost.

However if you website contains more then 50 articles and many categories with at least 10 articles within you may consider using “/%category%/%postname%/” instead, in order to make the keyword of the category more relevant.

For very busy website you should start using %year% and %month% in your permalink structure, i.e. “/%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/%postname%/”

Some people says that using %category% slow down your wordpress performance. I say that if you really care about performance then you should not use wordpress at all :)

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