Bootst WordPress Performance with Xcache and a cache plugin

I’ve a VPS Debian server with a few domain on it, mostly wordpress that i manage. I wished to compare a few cache plugins, at least with the basic disk cache and i also wanted to see the effects of the the xcache and mysql cache onto the wordpress performance. I gathered medium data using “ab” (apache benchmark) and other tools.


Those are the results without any cache plugin:

  • 1881ms with clean mysql and xcache
  • 1708ms with clean xcache
  • 1277ms with clean mysql
  • 524ms average
  • 362ms running ab

Benefits of xcache are around 325% and 471%.

You see that wordpress is quite embarassing, the website is a bit complicated and it has lots of plugins: it does like 123 queries to render the homepage.


Those are the data with W3 Total Cache installed and only Page Cache on disk enabled:

  • 171ms with clean mysql and xcache
  • between 3 and 11ms in the long time

Then i tested Quick Cache, renamed ZenCache and today, finally called CometCache. Its an easy one, just install and enabled with one button.

Then i tested WP Super Cache.

Basically the results are the same as W3TC: between 3ms and 11ms.

Personally i’ll stick with W3TC because it has more customization and also allow me to manage the HTTP headers settings.





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