wordpress SEO plugins: reviews to choose the best

There seems a war going on between 3 wordpress plugins for SEO in :

  • all in one seo plugin
  • Headspace2
  • platinum seo plugin



This plugin allow fine grained control over your SEO but i found it too much complicated because it lacks a decent tutorial or documentation.

After installation make sure that your theme in header.php uses wp_title(”); instead of wp_title(); and there is no more title mangling.

In “Settings > Headspace” you can configure it.

First configure the “Page Modules” page:

  • drag “Keywords” in the “Simple” green area, edit and enable the “Use tags” option;
  • drag and enable “More text”,  ”Follow Links” and “Meta Robots” into the advanced blue area;
  • you can disable “Javascript” and “Stylesheets” from the advanced tab moving them into the gray disabled area

The configure the “Site Modules” page:

  • enable”Google Analytics if you need it and configure it;
  • enable”Google section targetting if your theme does not support it;

Finally you can control the plugin behavios thru “Page settings” page:

  • in “Global settings”
    • configure your follow/nofollow policies
    • set your default page title to %%title%% – Blog title
  • in “Home page” and “Front page” set both to the Blog Title
  • in “Categories” sets %%category%% – Blog title
  • in “Tag Pages sets %%tags%% – Blog title
  • in “Archives” sets Blog title Archives – %%page%%
  • in Post and Pages i set %%page%% – %%category%% – Blog Title
  • also set the “no-index” and “no-follow” checkbox options to all the pages you wish, for example: tag, archive, search, category, author, etc.


Platinum SEO pack

This plugin seems a clone of  the “all in one”.

All in one SEO pack

My personal taste is to use %category_title% between the post/page and the blog title.

I also allow indexing of category page bacause i short them by displaing a summary of the articles.


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